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Ok so I have been talking it up and feeling you out for long enough ( you know who you are), and now the time is finally here! My dress making sew-along!

I will be making 5 little girl dresses for the Lira School Dress Project who

“is hoping to take 66 dresses to Kindergarten girls in Africa. The trip is in JUNE 2013 so the deadline to receive donated dresses is 1 MAY 2013.”  Sew Like My Mom

I am so excited it is something I always wanted to do, craft to donate. I even considered making my own foundation as it were but ultimately put it on the back burner. So when I ran across this post last year, I knew I had to sew along!

As I stated before, my goal is to make 5 dresses, and to entice you to join me I will be making tutorials available and varying patterns, and techniques.

Dress 1 : The Pillowcase dress provided by Sew Like My Mom

Here I will be going over basic sewing techniques and finishing options

Dress 2 : The Good Deeds Dress provided by Elysium Patterns

Here I will be showing how to use a downloaded/printed pattern

Dress 3 : The Simplicity 7112 Dress

Simplicity 1967 7112

Here I will be going over reading a commercially made pattern AND pattern grading

Dress 4 : The Smocked Dress

Here I will be going over a basic smocking technique for the top of the dress

Dress 5 : The HoneySmith Dress (LOL!)

Here I will be reviewing techniques from the previous dresses to design my own.

So now that you know, come on let’s sew! LOL, I couldn’t resist. Seriously though, If you are interested in doing this project with me, and even just making one dress to donate, let me know. I will be posting starting on Monday, January 29, 2013, and will be posting my progress every Monday till all is done, and I have 5 dresses ready to ship out to the Lira School Dress Project.

Maybe you want to make and donate your own dress. Here is the address where you can send your finished product/s:

Lira School Dress Project
1701 Lytle Trail
Abilene, TX 79602

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