January 2012


You know how “they” say be careful what you wish for?  January had us saying goodbye to my Tashi’s pups (aka the ankle-biters) with the exception of our Tui who we agreed would remain with us. But oh how I wanted to keep another pup. He was so sweet and teeny. I tried my hardest to convince the family they didn’t really want to take him but they did. Wasn’t he too adorable?!


Alas circumstances happened and they were no longer able to care for him, sooooooo back he came, but instead of this little sweet cutie he was a giant fur ball. He is still gentle and sweet though. The boy of the QuatroPods, Benjamin.

Now I know you were expecting images of him, and it is only fair that you do, and I promise to get you at least one sometime soon, when I get around to it. lol!

And this concludes my year of highlights. I hope you are as encouraged to make moments that matter this year as I am, AND to bring your camera’s along for the ride too!

Have a beautiful!

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