Sew With Me: Dress 1–(a little late)


I am “sew” glad you chose to join me on this sewing tour, and I do apologize for being late with this post. I had to figure out some logistics, but we should be all set from here forward, and the posts will be made on Mondays. Now that being said, lets get started.

I told you we would explore finishing options with this dress as it is the simplest of the 5 we will make. I use to think of this step last, and was often frustrated with the results. I found that just a bit of pre-planning goes a long way. that being said…

If you follow the link for THIS PATTERN, you will see two options. A double folded sewn seam edge and a serge edge. Notice on the charts that a different seam allowance is noted for the cutting length at size 6 (the one we are making).


Other finishing options include French Seams, Zigzag Edges, and the one I will do, Bias Tape/Trim Binding.

Now you can purchase your own or make your own with a fashion fabric, as I chose to do. Here is my quick tutorial on a simple method for making Continuous Bias Binding. Please note, that if you choose to do what I did, you will need to make about 5 yards (15ft/182in).

I will leave you with this for today. Next Monday we will start and finish the dress. Have a beautiful!

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