Somebody Gave Her A Saw–The Hallmark Channel


Ok so it’s almost Christmas, and the Hallmark Channel has at least one dedicated viewer. Yep my sister, who found a Christmas tree farm where she can, like on the Hallmark Channel, chop her own Christmas Tree. So off we went.


And somebody gave this girl a saw…


yotree-1 yotree-4

then sent her on her way. I heard chuckles as we wandered for the first time around this huge lot of pine trees looking, well, like this! LOL!

yotree-2 yotree-5


Very small and lost! With our perspective a bit skewed, oohing and ahhing over the gorgeously huge trees. My Fav had to step in as our measuring system to keep us on track. And while our eyes were telling us one thing, we wisely ,(sort of) deferred to his judgment to make the final choice.


Then she went to chopping. It was after all her Hallmark experience, and I must admit, I simply HAD to get footage of my sister, yep MY sister actually using a saw, and cutting down a tree!


yotree-10 yotree-11

yotree-12 yotree-13

Here, our tree hugger watches concerned as her tree was shaken then netted for travel

yotree-16 yotree-19 

yotree-18 yotree-20

And the gentleman helping us was kind enough to clean up her cut

yotree-21 yotree-22

She did a great job! And so did My Fav with the measuring. Yes he was right and the tree was a hair too tall (which he told us) but fit snuggly in her home (which he also told us).


All in all it was a fun night! Go Sis! Go Hallmark!

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