November and I have a sort of love hate relationship. It is the National Peanut butter lovers month, and if you know me you know I qualify! But it is also the month my Beloved friend died, my Grandma Dell. So for all of you who are missing someone this holiday season I understand, but I will say this, that over time I have found reasons for joy. I will always miss my amazing Grandmother, and there are days when I feel the physical loss of her presence more keenly than others. It comforts me that she was a goofy woman with a punny sense of humor who loved life and us, and I find that when I am saddest, I can think about her giggling because I hugged her and “accidentally” touched her tickle spot, or how she would make the silliest joke and keep on stepping when things were “special”. It doesn’t make me miss her less, it just helps me remember her more…

That being said, I know she would have tried the tiniest piece of my peanut butter pie, and proclaimed it delicious, and not take another bite again! Ever! LOL! She was always very encouraging, but not a fan of tofu! hahaha… and she would have cracked up at my failed attempt to roast peanuts and wondered out loud who I belonged to… then shake her head at us for standing outside in the cold waiting for Black Friday deals, that we would probably not come home with, but will still go out anyway without a plan because its so fun being around so many serious shoppers and taking our time picking over the leftovers and going home with blank cd’s and dvd’s because that’s all we really wanted anyway…

Sigh… yes November and I are uneasy friends, but really, I am glad to see it come. I am blessed to have had such a wonder filled beauty full friend love on me and teach me and care for me and comfort me, I am blessed to know that God gave George Washington Carver the bright idea to make peanut butter, and I am blessed to be a part of a family, well actually a conglomeration of families that love and laugh and comfort and forgive and shop crazy!

I wish you all a Merry Happy, and a Thanks Filled holiday!

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