Congratulations Dr. H


Occasionally I have the great honor of capturing an event that is more pleasure than work. The celebration for this young lady is such an event.


Her mother, a woman I greatly admire, was the principal where I taught my first and last class lol, (yes I was a teacher in another life time). I will always love her for that. Her father is and has long been one of my photo heroes. And Dr. A.H. herself has become the awesome young lady I always thought she would be, an inspiration to many, an encouragement to all who would discipline themselves to pursue their goals in all situations, until victory is obtained. I was honored to be able to document this very proud moment for an amazing family. Photographically thrilled and totally proud!


So here’s to an extraordinarily vibrant young lady, and an awesome accomplishment! Dr. A.H. may you have your cake with the icing and enjoy the eating!

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