I Promise: Our Excuse Film


In 2011, My Fav and I and some AMAZING people set out to produce our very first 168 Film Project Short Film.

DVD Video cover

First our intended script writer, was underage which I was unaware of and we could not get permission from her parent… sigh. So I ended up writing the script and what was supposed to be a fantasy fairytale type of film, turned into a period drama about a couple of orphans!

Soooo after having securing costumes (THANK YOU DAISY’s on the BLVD, I hope you reopen soon!) and location  permits fees… I find out we cannot use the cabin we initially wanted to use, as it was being rented for the week by a camp for a retreat. The owner was so sorry for the scheduling mix up, and allowed us to shoot on the exterior for a flat rate and use another cabin during the early morning hours. She was amazing!

Plan CDEF… lol! We could use a friends place for the interior spots. We had purchased some oak wood flooring for a personal home improvement project, not perfect but we can make due. THEN along came some unexpected help from some more AMAZING people who allowed us to use their home which had dark wood flooring already! AND the Jenkins Family had EVERY prop we could imagine needing ON HAND! SCORE!


Some of the actors would not be able to make it. I asked others to join, or refer and guess what? They DID! I LOVE YOU TAS and DS! You are my heroine’s.

Finally the day of shooting arrives. Sigh. Some of the actors and crew got lost not having printed out the directions we provided, some  gave up and went home, one even ended up near Las Vegas! We had to scrap our whole shooting schedule and make one up on the fly. Then we began shooting, AND it began to snow.


Management warned us there was a weather warning and if we did not leave soon, we would be snowed in. I lost over half my actors. No worries. I sent our caterers to our second location (OK THAT WAS SOME AMAZING FOOD LET ME TELL YOU! A fabulous friend of mine catered for us at cost, out of love, and it was the HIGHLIGHT of the day. People STILL talk about the food lol!)

I know this is long thanks for hanging in there. I need you to know this before I post the film because otherwise I‘d NEVER post the film! LOL!

Now where was I. Everyone, and I mean everyone got parts! If you stood around you were IN the film, my sister, the boom mic operator, the production assistant, you get the idea. Let me say this. Our film was butchered BUT the experience of overcoming adversity AND turning in a completed project, though not perfect, taught me so much, making me a better story teller and really a better person.

I learned that I don’t have to depend on myself to get things done. That good people out of the good treasure of their hearts will pour out their gifts, time and talent ,if given the opportunity. I have hidden this film away all these years out of embarrassment, but today I am proud of it. Of what we all accomplished under some truly extenuating circumstances. I thank everyone who had a part in the making of it. You hold a special place in my heart (AND if you want your copy email me your address they are ready for you here on my desk.)

I have stalled enough. Here it is. If you read all this you deserve the viewing. Enjoy. OH And let me not be remiss! These images are courtesy of Yolanda Davis. My sister is also an amazing photographer!

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