A Year In Reflection : Speeding Things Up–July, June, and May 2013


In the interest of speeding up my reflection of last year, I will be combining the earlier months together.

In July the Sisters In Ministry, an organization I am honored to be a part of going on 4 years now, Celebrated 10 years of fellowship and support, at their annual prayer breakfast. Here is a small sample of what went on.

The month of June, we celebrated mini Grads (kinders) with my Goddaughter and my cousin and Dads at Life Of Victory Worship Center.

If you are in the Oxnard area and looking to worship and fellowship with some wonderful people who will LOVE on you, I highly suggest you visit LOV Worship Center.


Visit http://www.lovusa.org/ for more info on them.

We bid a beautiful family, fair well as they embarked on a new chapter in their lives in May, and FINALLY attended our first Strawberry festival  together.


We love these guys!

I guess this was a month for first as we also saw the Katina’s in concert. They are truly an awesome, anointed group of singers with lives and testimonies to match.



Visit www.thekatinas.com for more info on them

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