A Year In Reflection : Speeding Things Up–April, March, and February 2013


I love dance in it’s many forms, and the month of April had My Fav and me, at the LPAC (Lancaster Performing Arts Center) enjoying the production, Lord Of The Dance. What an awe filled experience!

March had us ministering an original play for Resurrection Sunday. The original concept was by my sister. I had the awesome privilege to adapt and restructure it for our church. Again one of my favorite parts was our PVC tomb


February we were gearing up for our garden, planning what we wanted to grow and where. This February is similar, except I think we are a bit further along. We also finished our original concept for our solar dehydrator, and it works well. We will be adding some modifications, but could not really be more pleased with it. And though the gophers had their way with our sweet potatoes last year, we have a plan to stop their feeding frenzy.

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