Build With Us: Our 12th Year Anniversary Celebration


So the time has come again for us to pause and recognize and celebrate and reflect and reminisce and love and laugh… And we want to do this with you! Consider this your official invite and informational “brochure”

In honor of our 12th year anniversary, we are building an outdoor entertainment/celebration space where we can enjoy your company more in this coming year, and we need your help. Now of course, this would not be a Smith Family project if there wasn’t some kind of twist.


Twist 1: Our space will be created around a massive heated bench made of Cob.
Something like This:


Twist 2: We need your hands, and we need your feet! Cob is a natural material made of earth, sand and straw, that is mixed like this:

Twist 3: We are using reclaimed materials for roofing and flooring, so if you have um a truck and some muscles, we kinda need those too.

We are doing this all over the course of one work week. That is we are doing this all, NEXT WEEK September 2nd-6th. If you want to spend some time dancing in muddy straw, or are just curious, or you are availing yourself to help, text me. We are providing food. Good food. Vegan, fresh food! Lol! Can hardly wait to hear from you!

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