A Night of Sawdust


A few weeks ago, My Fav and I began yet another home project (this one was his idea though). All I can say is, I am thrilled. It is not far from being finished, so I thought I’d share our new “built-in” bookcase. If you know us, you know we LOVE books and we have them literally everywhere. So I think I know where his idea came from.

Here’s where we left off a couple of weeks ago…

0823132003 0823132003a

…And our progress through the night.


I even made my first molding!


It’s not perfect but I am super thrilled with the outcome.

0823132255 0823132256a

We sort of followed plans from HERE. but you know us, things were changed up a bit. Eventually it will have a little brother in the other corner, but we are learning to take things one project at a time. I will be sure to post up images once it has been completed. I just love woodworking.

Oh and for those who wish to know my part aside from taking pictures, I did the cutting, My Fav did the measuring. He did most of the nailing (with the nail gun), while I did most of the hammering (using a hammer). Tonight He did the cooking while I secured the shelves. All in all, I love working alongside him and producing the things we will use in our home!

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