September 2012


Our Anniversary month saw us wanting to change, or rather add, to our adjectives. So We booked a Kayaking Tour. Yep two non aquatic I-can-enjoy-sea-life-at-the-aquarium type people got in a kayak and ventured into the ocean. Of course we PRAYED really hard for a calm ocean and I prayed to not see any sea life lol. And you know what? People were AMAZED at the flatness of the waves! So glad we got to enjoy our little adventure in peace, and the sea lions and leopard sharks and garibaldi politely kept their distance too! wohooo!


Here is a quick video of the cavern tour. Please note that most of this video was shot upside down as the camera was hanging around my neck as I paddled, and for that cause, I muted most of the annoying sound of scraping…

We had a blast. Did some shopping (I got a cute hat), went to a ranch (I actually touched a live animal!) and an organic farm where we picked some fruit and veggies and got some advice on gardening.

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OH! and how can I forget! We got library cards! Yay and yes we checked out books, and returned them before we left! Awesome!

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