August 2012


August held lots of surprises and firsts for us. If you recall from this post (below) we found Horn Worms in our garden! THAT was creepy lol.


But my Fav dealt with them and we were able to rescue a few more tomatoes which we then attempted to preserve. This was the month that we tried to preserve and can our food. While we were not entirely successful, we did manage to perfect some techniques. To be completely honest our lack of success here had more to do with our consuming the products than with technique at all! Yes, I’d whip up batches of fruit leather, and the next day they were gone! And the canned tomatoes made DELICIOUS marinara sauce, and the dried tomatoes went on sandwiches and in stews… All that remains is one lone dehydrated strawberry chip and some ginger… This year, we MUST plant more!

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