One Shoe Doesn’t Count


I’m up late again, and so very tired too. And as I look around my office, my still unfinished office, cluttered with an assortment of supplies, and numerous other unfinished projects, my eye landed on this shoe template I stitched up. Yep just one shoe. Unfinished. And in my late night musing, having finally forced enough strength in my cold ridden body, I have come to the conclusion that one shoe doesn’t count. No matter how great the idea, how noble the intention, how spectacular the effort, nothing is worth it if it’s only half done. I mean, half a peanut butter and…, oh wait, that would be a peanut butter sandwich, and those are awesome! Bad example, but you do get my point. We didn’t start off wanting to climb over supplies etc to get to our wall to wall custom made by us desk, or freezing and making smoothies with our fruit because our diy solar dehydrator doesn’t have a door yet…. Enough! I’m calling it quits. no more new I have a fabulous idea projects until these old ones get done! I am holding myself accountable. I am setting deadlines people. I mean business! Lol, ok that was a bit over the top, but I am serious. It’s time to make the other shoe.

Boy I really get tough when I’m up late. Hmmm maybe my Fav is right and I should get some more rest.

Have a beautiful! Oh! And for those who have been wondering, I did finish my other shoes, I’m talking about a different shoe in this post.

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