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Those who really know me know I absolutely love to read, and one of my favorite all time authors is Ted Dekker. I have been waiting for this latest book that he coauthored with Tosca Lee (another great author) to be available at our favorite book store (the library) since I read book one in the series, and it’s here!


I had the book on reserve as soon as I heard it was being released, and my Fav picked it up for me today! But now that it is here, I can’t help but feel a bit hesitant to start it. Because once I start it I probably wont put it down until it’s finished, and as this is book 2 of a 3 part series… Now I know why my Mom wont read a series until she has ALL the books in her possession. But I am so excited to read this next installment that I will probably just reread it when the next one comes out.

And just a little plug, for those of you who are low on storage space as we are, your local library is an excellent place to borrow and donate books!

Now back to Ted Dekker, my love affair with his writing started with a book he coauthored with Bill Bright years ago, “Blessed Child”. I loved the book, and the sequel so much, I became a quick fan, and followed his writing ever since. I even attempted to read “Three”

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This is one of a hand full of books I have never finished. Dekker’s writings are so compelling and vivid, I was scared out of my wits checking around corners, peeking out windows! I was a mess for days after reading only 3 chapters! So while I LOVE him as an author, I steer clear of his Thrillers, and stick close to his Fantasy pieces.

If you want to know more about this amazing author visit his website at


Oh! And I HIGHLY suggest reading his Circle Series. A truly beautiful body of work. absolutely brilliant! Happy reading!

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