And the Sugar Went Flying….


Why oh, why, did I get it in my head to make peanut butter cookies. Just because I love peanut butter and wanted cookies does not qualify me to make them! I am so laughing at myself. I watched YouTube Videos galore, I called my mom the Cookie Queen, and my sister Miss.-Bake-A-Lot, for help trying to boost my confidence. Yet when I turned on the hand mixer in an attempt to blend the butter and sugar together… the sugar went flying.

Now to my defense, I haven’t used a hand mixer since I was like 8 ok, and like low speed on a hand mixer is still very fast, but even I knew the sugar should not have been splattered around the kitchen (and peanut butter too sigh). Apparently just because the butter gives when you squeeze it doesn’t mean it has sufficiently softened. Hence the flying sugar. Ah well, I had a pretty crumbly batter


and thus some pretty crumbly but oh so peanut buttery, melt in your mouth AND in your hands super delicious Peanut Butter Cookies.


And yes I did add more Peanut Butter than the recipe required! I just LOVE Peanut Butter!

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