Make it Better- Not Exactly A Self Portrait


I know I promised this next Make It Better would be about self portraits, but honestly, I ran into a huge problem trying to put together this post. The self in the self portrait. The day I felt really cute, I was unable to make self images, and the other days, there really wasn’t an image of me I wanted to make! So for now, I will put this particular MIB on hold. Maybe I can get my Fav to do one using my instructions… hmm that’s an idea.

So instead, we will focus on gardens ( this is also a garden update =-D )

In my opinion, the best times to make garden images are early morning or late evening. That being said, if you are shooting other times during the day, take the time to look around and find the best lighting .

This first shot is more than a bit bright. The sun was shining directly on it and the high contrast doesn’t do justice to the lush green and bright yellow colors of the bok choi we have growing


By moving to the opposite side, not changing any camera settings, I was able to get this shot.


It is great to get an overall garden shot,


just remember to get close up too, and really showcase the type of plant or flower you have growing, Otherwise everything can have a tendency to blur together. Your viewer would really appreciate knowing where and what to look at.

gu-5 gu-6 gu-7 gu-8 gu-3 gu-4

Have Fun Making It Better!

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