Happy Birthday


Words are inadequate to express how joyfully glad I am to extend this happy birthday to my mom. She is the most generous kind hearted person I have ever met, yet she loves fiercely. I have watched her sacrifice daily for me and my sister, her mother, sisters and brothers, nieces and nephews, friends, neighbors, strangers… even when she was tired. I learned about unconditional love from her. I watched the power of forgiveness flow through her life. I can only hope my life will be such a great witness to my children someday, an example to future generations. And I am so very proud of her too! She continually pursues her goals, advancing, and becoming her best. My greatest wish for her is to rest and receive back some of the love and kindness she has doled out and continues to pour over us.


Happy Birthday Mom! May your everyday see you living life to its full, reaping joy and peace.

Love Forever, your favorite eldest daughter and son in love!

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