Developed in the Dark


Darkroom that is! You know how you intend to do something that you enjoy, but everything else gets in the way? It is that way with me and the darkroom. Truly developing film and image processing is one of my favorite things to do. It’s just that with my company keeping me so busy with digital image processing, I haven’t had the time. Soooo when my assistant CJ showed interest in learning darkroom techniques I was only too thrilled!


I must admit, I may have gone overboard, trying to cram about a years worth of experience into a jumbled mass of information in what amounts to an 8 hour day, but my goodness, look at her negatives!


Just gorgeous I tell you. I kept myself from making any prints since they are her images, but hopefully I can get her to share.

That being said, look for the new Make It Better posting coming soon. The topic will be self portraits.

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