Alone Time


I can hardly recall a time when my father and I spent any real quality time alone. I must say I enjoyed walking and talking with him as I tried to introduce him to my fair city. He doesn’t seem very impressed lol. As fantastic as I believe my city to be, and as much as it tries to be a “hip, happening” place, there is still this quietness, a homespun awesomeness that gives this truly booming upcoming metropolitan city a little house on the prairie feel that I hope it never loses. And even though this place may not be as buzzing as Los Angeles, there is no other place I could imagine us peacefully spending some alone time. Maybe tomorrows Farmers Market with live music in the streets of downtown Lancaster, will be exciting enough to woo him back. I don’t really know. I’ll just enjoy these moments with my dad until he leaves to his “real” life in a few weeks. 


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