Smelling Roses



This past Sunday, I was presented this beautiful bouquets of roses from the participants of our Resurrection Sunday Production. I am so honored and humbled to have received them but I would be remiss to take all the credit. I worked with some really wonderful people. Minister Dane, Linda, Fannie, the actors, singers, dancers, audio, and video crews, and those who came along side me, making things better at exactly the right time, Courtney, Kathy, Chenise, DJ, Jaden, Lawrence and Lynn, and most dearly to me are the two who stood beside me, listening to the same music over, and over, who from the beginning gave 100 percent to the ideas in my head, My Fav, and my Sis. Thank you all so very much. Thank you for yielding your gifts and talents to make this the awesome production it was.

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