Let’s Catch Up!


There has been so much going on, and I can hardly believe it’s February already! January flew by so fast! Photographically we were a bit backlogged over the holidays, so we kept our heads down and got work done (it is more than acceptable to applaud here).

There was some coughing and sneezing, tissue, tea, and OJ, and a wonderful trip to Nashville TN. Side note ok? I MUST say that the fair people of Nashville TN are amongst the friendliest, most helpful, kind and patient people I have met. It made coming home a bit of a shock… Moving on.


I have started two point five new personal projects for this year. I love learning and creating; and doing things to minimize and alleviate stress is always a must. To that end, I have begun creating handmade and stitched books.


Just look at that binding! And I can get as creative or keep it as simple as I want! There are so many options. It’s the point five portion of my personal projects in that I have no intention to continue to make books all throughout the year. But then again, you never really know.

I do however intend to do some sewing again for me and My Fav. I have some challenging projects to tackle which I hope to have time for on a monthly basis, though I did just skip the entire month of January, sigh…


And finally there is a Book Reading Challenge I am partaking in that you are free to join if you like. The goal is to read 50 books in a year. In that I have always been an avid reader and tend to read way more than 50 books a year, I decided to make this more of a challenge for me, though you can do the challenge as is and read 50 books. I am not including audio books, I will regularly include nonfiction works (shuddering), and I am also writing mini reviews on each one.

If you are participating, in the 50 Book Challenge please note that everything and every person we encounter changes us in some way, books are no different. What you read can easily be assimilated into your belief system so choose your books carefully.

That is enough for now. Putting my head down for the home stretch in that I have some video projects to finalize OH!!!!!!!!!! and do you remember the 168 Film Project? Well it’s that time again. More details later but if you are interested you know how to reach me…

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