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After a fun filled awesomely exhausting and inspiring time at the 168 Film Festival, we were all set for a relaxing day at the Los Angeles Green festival. I had a plan. Go directly after church and slowly peruse each and every aisle learning about new and existing companies that cater to our lifestyle.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you were unaware that we do in fact live a pretty green life, though I guess we are not your stereotypical green people. However, we are vegan, into sustainable architecture, grow a lot of our own food, embrace recycling believing in reducing, reusing, and love alternative energy sources. Sounds pretty green to me, lol!

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So back to my plans… so we um woke up late, and praised God for streaming Church Services, and rested a bit. But in that we already purchased our tickets, we got ourselves together and headed there. We made it with exactly two hours to see everything. Did you know that I have a Type A personality? no? My new game plan went into effect. We would focus on those companies we were curious about, do some taste testing on foods we may want to purchase, and gather information from everyone else. Well my plan did not call for this company. I have a weakness for tea and absolutely LOVE Sencha! And this tea even though it has coconut in it, grumble grumble and I am slightly allergic to coconut, is amazing!

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One hour in and we were still on the first aisle! We had to swivel and not stop as we passed company after company with amazing products that suited even my gluten-free lifestyle. I just started snapping pictures as we walked by if I thought we would be interested. That is until my battery died…sigh grumble grumble.

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We made it! And, came away with some products we absolutely love. Making better plans for next year!

Learn more about the Green Festivals here.

Some of our favorites from the Show are Beanfields Chips, Truce Non-Toxic Cleaning Products, Hugo Naturals Gluten-free Vegan Body Products, Clif Bar KIT’s Organic Fruit + Nut and Fruit + Seed Bars, Chicza Organic Chewing Gum, Bella Vado Avocado Oil and Body Products, Raw Cane Juice and Jerry’s Almost Pickles.

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