It’s ALMOST Her Birthday! : A Teaser Story


Ok so I have been very good but I can wait no longer. “It’s only two more days” you say. I know I know but I am going to do this any way! So here is Miss. Yo. One of my 3 sisters who will be celebrating her birthday in two more days!

She is always a challenge, but secretly I look forward to her yearly birthday portraits. Each year HAS to be better than or at least different than the last, and this year was fun. It started out as a 20’s themed portrait session


And kind of ended up with fire and brimstone?!


With some 80’s, and flower power in between.



Then she channeled her “Inner Beckett” for her “Castle” fan sister. (Amongst my favorite!)


Then getting ready for the beach we never intended to go to. And Yup, always doing something special in the middle of my session!


Strangely enough, in this image she sort of looks like me! I had to do a double take. I must say I never really saw a resemblance…


But this one is all her.


Happy EARLY birthday sister. May God give you the desires of your heart. You have been teased!

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