Much Needed : A Story Of Rest


A couple of weeks ago, My Fav and I took off on our first , there-is-no-real-reason-to-go-vacation, driving through Northern Cal to Lake Tahoe. And it was beautiful!


We biked through the National Forest. 12 miles! Up hill! Both ways! Stopping to enjoy the historical sites and attractions along the way.


There was a display of ancient banjo’s and reproductions made by an awesome banjo maker who gave us an in depth private tour. You could really see his passion for what is truly a beautiful instrument



We went in a cave like structure cut near the lake where we were able to see a creek which runs along the lake. So cool


We saw mountains, we saw rivers,


we saw this guy and his cousins who I am convinced were plotting an attack on me!


And we stopped at Mono Lake and enjoyed its beauty as it is being restored. Why yes we are standing on what was the bottom of this massive lake, and yes that is a cave made by an animal that My Fav wanted to explore. Did I mention it was made by an ANIMAL?




In all we had a wonderful time learning to relax. Life truly is now. It’s not a destination you wait to get to. It can not be put off for later, you can not get more of it, you just have to live it. Every moment is a gift. We are finally treasuring our own.

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