Monster Zucchini– A Smith Garden Update


Wednesday July 2, 2014, we decided to harvest our largest Zucchini. An organic heirloom variety we planted from seed back in April/May. Really I had intended to allow it to remain on the vine until we could harvest no more as I wanted to get seed for next year. Alas, it began growing into the border of its bed and we couldn’t shift it higher thinking it might break so harvest it we did.


Now I must say. We knew it was large, but under all those leaves, we couldn’t see just how ginormous it really was!


About 18 inches long, 15 inches around, and 5in high! Truly it could have grown much bigger. Like most squash, it will continue to grow, as long as it gets the water and nutrients it needs, if it remains on the “vine”. So I think we will try again with another one to see how big we can maintain one. Maybe not so close to the border though!


Happy Independence Day!

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