Dinner : Gluten Free Vegan Raw-Nut Meat Sloppy Joes Yum!


So.. I was supposed to have made or at least have prepped some gluten free vegan hotdogs for dinner. But um I didn’t… Still we had to eat and dining out gets really old when your food choices are whittled down to two main dishes. What to do?..

Enter the improvised dinner! My Fav brought home a pack of gluten free buns for some black bean burgers that I also did not make, and I thought to myself why not Sloppy Joes? Here is how they turned out, and YUM!


I altered a recipe slightly for Raw Taco “Meat” made with walnuts. If you know me then you know I don’t usually follow recipes, measure, or remember exact portions for ingredients (thus my food tends to taste differently every time I make it.) But roughly here is what I did:

I put walnuts, chopped bell pepper, onion, and a tomato into a food processor with some seasonings. I used a taco seasoning mix, but I thing I may try barbeque seasoning next time, and pulsed until it looked like I wanted it to. Then I piled my Gluten Free Buns with garlic spread, olive tapenade, red leaf lettuce, tomato, and an avocado. And Yes it got all over the place.

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