A Year In Reflection : September 2013


This year for our anniversary, we decided to stay home and work on a home improvement project. The goal was to take a week and complete the entire outdoor gathering place/gazebo/room, and then to party hardy after it was done. So we invited family and friends to come and fellowship/help/cheer us on. We expected it to be fun, and truly it was. We did not expect record breaking temperatures every single day of the week!


Our “helpers” mostly played in the water, and sat in the shade. And really who could blame them. It was upwards of 115 degrees, and already 95 early in the mornings!



So what I estimated would take about 4 days (um yeah I kind of underestimate sometimes) is now taking months! Honestly though, we are so very humbled that all of you came out from near and far, to participate with us, and help us out of the goodness in your hearts, or maybe curiosity to just see what “they” are up to now. Thank you. We had a blast fellowshipping and dancing in the mud.


We do not have images of everyone who came out (shame on us) as we were trying so hard to do as much as we could before the heat overwhelmed us or the night descended, but we do remember every moment, the borrowed truck, the efficient cob stirring, the loading and unloading of rocks and sand, the digging of trenches, the free granite and wood and barrel and stones and bricks. Just remembering has our hearts full.


Ok so it is still not finished BUT we will resume building as soon as Spring hits, and we exit the record breaking frostiness that is this Winter. From our hearts we say again to everyone who cared enough to lend a hand, a foot, and travel the dirt road to assist us. You ROCK!

AND Our Rocket Mass Heater WORKS!

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