A Year In Reflection : December 2013

December brought about very many things for us this year, including the loss of my great grandfather, and My Fav’s great aunt, an impromptu trip to Chi-Town that never happened, and the realization of a long term personal desire. What these things all have in common is how out the blue they came. Three phone calls that changed our perspective on things.

My Great Grand Father was a man filled with 95 years worth of experience that I feared lost, but was comforted to realize that knowledge that was gained once, can be gained again, and that His legacy lives on in the hearts and faces of our family.


My Fav’s great aunt, passed away right before the holidays. She was a lovely woman with whom we visited during our trip to Chicago a few years back. It amazes me to realize how much I gleaned from her about everyday living, and cooking, within just a few short hours. My prayers are with her husband and children right now.


Then there was the fulfilled desire. To be honest, I had given up on it and even put it out of mind because every door I tried, seemed to be closed over the years. Then out of the blue, a phone call that lead to a phone call, had me standing in front of some very special little people doing more work than even I the workaholic could have ever imagined, creating and printing portraits of nearly 400 children with their families that came together for the holidays. It was truly a special honor to me. It did however have me down in utter exhaustion for two days recovering! I have great hopes to do it all again next year. 


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