They Almost Got Me : A Wedding Teaser Story


These are the faces that were almost my undoing. Really, I almost burst into tears and had to look away to gain my composure again! Who knew I would be so emotional on THEIR Wedding day, lol?!

djw-1 djw-2 

We are thrilled and honored to have been a part of this special day filled with joy-filled tears, lots of smiles, happiness, laughter, tender moments

djw-3 djw-4 


 djw-7 djw-8

djw-28 djw-29djw-13 djw-9 
djw-10 djw-11 djw-12 djw-30 djw-31 djw-32djw-33 djw-34 djw-35djw-36 djw-37 djw-38djw-14 djw-39 djw-16djw-17

djw-19 djw-20

And the best Mother/Groom dance ever!

djw-21 djw-22djw-23 djw-24 djw-25djw-26 djw-27

May you celebrate everyday together always!


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