Translucent Image Bags


We are often asked what products do we offer to our clients, and really, our list is quite extensive. So I am going to feature some of them here, a bit at a time, to tell you all about them.

One of our biggest sellers is our Translucent Image Bags. If you have ever been a POL customer of ours you know that we deliver your images in a Large Portrait Bag. Our Translucent Image Bag is similar. It stands roughly 4 inches tall, the perfect size for custom favors. Especially weddings (where the bulk of our orders come from), anniversaries, birthday celebrations, graduations… We just love the look!


We also make a Photographic Image bag in this size, as well as a CD Image Bag. We love seeing our images in various forms, which is really the heart behind the creation of all our products. This order here is complete and ready for delivery!

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