Complete! Dress 5 and Dress Collections


The day finally arrived. Our donation dresses have been shipped to it’s first stop. You ladies are amazing! Altogether we contributed 31 Dresses to the Lira School Dress Project. 31! When I began this project I was hoping for ten (secretly thinking maybe 20), but you have exceeded what even I could imagine.


My personal goal was to make 5 different dresses. And while I completed the 5 tutorials, I did not actually make Dress 3. None the less, (CB) did. She resized a commercial pattern and created some beauties! So all in all, there is at least one of every dress included with our donations! AWESOME!

IMG_9990   2013042295153229

Smushed together in our collection showcase, is the Dress 5 Tutorial. I am putting it up, just as a completion for the video portion of our project. Some of you have asked what’s next.


I would roll on the floor with laughter if I had the energy! BUT since you are on a roll, there is an organization I have mentioned here before DRESS A GIRL AROUND THE WORLD that receives donations year round should you like to sew a bit more, and dozens more projects who would gladly and gratefully receive your gifts.

For now, Here is Dress 5 – The Design Your Own Dress Tutorial. Enjoy!

I will prayerfully consider “what’s next” and let you know. Til then Happy Sewing!

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