Sew…. For a little Clarity


In general, I will be focusing on making one dress per month, however, in that we will need to mail the dresses off by mid April for them to be received in time, I need to step things up a bit. Therefore, I am beginning Dress 3. That being said, please do feel welcome to make any of the dresses, skip a dress, or um..keep up lol. I know some of you have fallen deeply in love with making Dress 1, the Pillowcase dress, so just keep sewing them! That you would consider making a dress to donate, is awesome to me. And PLEASE do, keep sending your images to me. I will include the ones I have gotten already at the end so scroll away =-)

Now about Dress 3… Dress 3 is really an excuse to show how to read, and resize (grade) patterns. You do not need to have the same pattern I am using. You can use a pattern you already have, buy one, or just skip this Dress altogether. But one of the things I am most asked about is sizing patterns.

Commercial patterns do not always (ok hardly ever) use the standard clothing sizes you see in retail stores. Clothing sizes vary by designer, from store to store, and from year to year, and so as not to make yourself crazy trying to remember which pattern/designer/year fits you, I will show a few tips on how to make any pattern (ish) fit you or whoever you are sewing for.

If you plan to follow along with me, next Monday have a commercially made pattern, and measuring tape handy. I will be sizing my pattern down to a size 6, but the same principles apply to sizing up.

For now enjoy these images (You Guys are AWESOME!) See you Monday!



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