A Tribute


So this post is a bit hard for me as my highlight comes on the heel of a great sadness. Recently, I was blessed to be encouraged by an awesome man and great photographer, a gentleman I affectionately called Uncle Les.


He stepped into glory to be with God a few days ago, after having celebrated the Doctoral success of his daughter early in December. I was blessed and honored to be the photographer that evening, and yes quite a bit nervous (again lol).


I mean wouldn’t you be if you were working for one of your hero’s? I am so glad that I was able to express our love for him and his whole family.  My heart aches at their loss, as I continually pray for peace and comfort. I know what he meant to me and my husband and to our marriage. Uncle Les was a good natured man, secure enough to be tender, and about his business.

IMG_0088-2  IMG_9241 

During a time when I was most vulnerable, newly committed to Christ, he and his wife silently stepped in and covered me, pushed me into doing what I was unsure I could, and blessed me and my husband when we wed.


I will never forget…

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  1. I have truly been blessed by my much to short but so very influential meeting of Pastor Les. I would consider myself as a man’s man. IT takes a lot for another man to earn a certain level of respect from me. Pastor Les will always be one of my most respected and revealed men. He and his wife counseled my wife and I prior to our marriage. Aside from his biblical knowledge which glowed like the sun, it was his understanding of life and what it took to substance a health, prosperous, GOD driven marriage. Once I said “I do” he continued to be a mainstay and a pillar of influence to me. A man that did not only talk it but, he also walked it. Pastor Les I weep cause of selfless reasons because, I will miss you. These same tears flow from joy cause haven has gotten a new angel. The word “Thanks” is not large enough to give my appreciation. Until that word can be formed I will just say R.I.P. my friend. And I will thank GOD for putting our path together.

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