Playing Hookie


Far too often, I neglect relationships with friends and family in lieu of work. But lets face it, work will be with me always, and I have finally come to understand that. So today, yep at the end of the year, I set aside my work, and took a trip to Oxnard for “Holiday Sweet Treats Fellowship – The Amazing Race” LOVWC Style!


lovar-9 lovar-10 lovar-16

It was ladies vs. gentlemen, and when I tell you the competition was hot… well lets just say that when we arrived, the guys were flying out the door, and the ladies weren’t far behind. I politely side stepped the fray, and whipped out my camera!


My Fav joined in just in time to stack and consume some um interesting? flavored animal type cookies! HAhahahahA their faces!

lovar-36 lovar-39 lovar-47lovar-49

In the end, the ladies emerged the victors!


Well at a place called Victory, everyone wins, the ladies just won more.

lovar-64 lovar-68

And then…. this happened!


See I told you guys to keep inviting me! oh and click below for all the images!

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  1. i LOV this!! lol! Any way we can post the video on our youtube!! This is so amazing and what an honor to be the location you chose to release your JOB for your job lol! beautiful!!

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