A 168 Year


I was recently asked if I had any projects in the works. The very thought makes me kind of laugh, because of all my current projects, (diy home office make over and solar dehydrator, garden, and a very busy business at the top of my list), none would satisfy this person. He was asking about my film projects.  Not video or cinematography that we do professionally, but my personal film making projects. Sigh. I must admit, I have been thinking of making a new film, but ever since I entered the 168 film project about a year ago, I have been reluctant to do another… Until recently. Wow, I know! It took an entire year to recuperate from the very intense 168 hours of casting, filming, editing and submitting. This contest is not for the faint of heart! Yet my heart did faint! I was exhausted. Up ALL night for a week straight trying to create a mini masterpiece (uh not quite) with limited funds and resources just to satisfy my personal desire to visually depict a story. Insane! And yes, I think I’m ready to do it again!

Here’s the trailer from the first one.

If you are interested in learning more or participating yourself goto : http://168project.com/

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