Musical Road


The other day, my Fav surprised me with a trip to the Musical Road sponsored by Honda. I don’t really know what I thought I’d see, but I plopped my new Camera, and my old one too in the front seat with me just in case, oh and also since we were going on a spontaneous outing, we may as well bring our fur babies along too right?  Poor Fav, I know he planned on taking me on a nice quick drive, but it took almost an hour to secure everything and everyone, the sun was beginning to set, Tui our pup flat out REFUSED to get in the car. My Fav had to hoist her in, Sarah the oldest, was getting grumpy, I guess she thought we’d never leave! But finally we were all settled in. It’s a good thing he thinks I’m cute, because, um half way there, he noticed my car was on E… sigh.  But, we made it, and it was exciting for me. And although there wasn’t much to see this is what we heard


We only went once because, you know, the gas thing, lol, which he promptly rectified on our way home, but we plan on going back soon to the ONLY musical road in the United States (yes I’m so proud of my city) to see what it would sound like at different speeds!

If you’re in the area and interested, take a drive out toward Apollo Park on Avenue G, stay in the left lane, and enjoy!

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