Make It Better- Dealing with Dogs

I have had the hardest time photographing my Tui! Now I have done dog photography before with a fair amount of success but this little one, smhlol!

tui-2-2  tui-1-2 

so here is what I did to Make it better:

1. Assess the Situation

What is the temperament of your dog?

           – Tui is a hyper little puppy with a short attention span. She also tends to       

             stick close to her mom


Where is the light?

           – I ended up going outside to the shaded side of my house. The light

             came from the left.


2. Move to the area YOU want to shoot, make noises or whistle to get your dog’s attention. Have treats or toys on hand. I’m not above bribery in a pinch =-)


3. Have patience.  Not every shot will be perfect, and trying to keep the attention of a hyper little puppy will take some time, but if you keep your cool, wait a little bit, let your puppy relax, you will eventually get the image you wanted, and possibly an image you didn’t know you wanted!



Happy Shooting. Make It Better!

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