Pondering Projects


It’s Spring time and for our household that means planting. I must say I absolutely love eating from our land. Knowing that our hard work, and daily diligence can produce wonder-filled rewards that are nutritious and tasty, does my heart well. I must admit though that we are a bit late in our planting, and there is still much prep work to do. This year I am planning to add cotton to our garden. I want to try my hand at yarn and thread making. Yep it’s one of my new projects too. I already have the seeds, just need to prep the soil and plant. Already our peach tree is sprouting, and my Fav believes the avocado tree we planted last year will do well.

We have yet to complete our room, BUT I foresee sanding in our near future. As the weather warms up, our energy levels are increasing too =-) That and some upcoming plans have us ready to finish this project.

And… I’ve been designing. This time it’s shoes. When I get over my own self, I will try my hand at leather shoe making. Nothing too fancy, just some basic designs. I have all I need to get started, I just don’t want to mess up my leather!

We finished our dog house and they are warming up to it. They still love being inside with us, and I love them here so…

I am still practicing my guitar, my goal is to learn a new song every month (or so ) and it’s coming along.

And finally, at least for tonight, I am starting a series here called – Make It Better. It’s sort of a spin off of my Photo Course Light Writers. I will be talking about images I made, or attempt to make, using only natural light and my camera, and go through my process to make it better, so if you’re interested, stay tuned. The first one will be up on Friday March 16, 2012.

That’s enough for now. Have a beautiful!

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