As Promised


I was reading through some of my earlier posts and realized I never showed any images of my Tashi’s pups.


Things were so hectic, and moving so fast that unfortunately all we seem to have are from our camera phones sigh…

1208112003 1209112027  1212111649 1224111021a 1227111217 1227111225 1227111226b

so while the quality isn’t so great, I hope you enjoy the moments we attempted to capture. All of the pups are gone to new homes expect for our Tui Nicole who makes our home just a bit more chaotic, and a bunch more fun. (really I think she has ADHD! We have to lock her in her kennel so she remembers to eat!)

1205111203 1228111821

It’s amazing how much she has changed in just a few short weeks. We have had many laughs on this little one, and I suspect MANY more to come!

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