Of Note

Gosh so much has had me down early. lol. First I am so very grateful to have had another busy season as a photographer, It’s such a blessing before a lull but gosh it was tiring. Had me pooped. and speaking of! My Tashi had pups! 6 little ankle biters sooooo sweet, images coming soon. They got here thanksgiving night and what a special blessing to me that was. I was in tears. Then Christmas I was fighting a cold, and New Years, had me down with Tonsillitis…  I’m still recovering. 8 more days of meds. But I’m now getting to rest. I even picked up my guitar again, which I have been longing to do for sometime. I am so grateful to be alive, and getting well. I tell you yestureday when I was able to drink a whole glass of water with minimal pain… well enough of that. Lets just say, this year I have a different perspective on things.

Have a beautiful!

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