Happy Surprise


So My Fav had a 3 day weekend (woHoo)


I love it when those come around. He’s such a workaholic though that he immediately wanted to tackle several of our seems-like-it-will-never-end list of home improvement projects that his wife keeps dreaming up. But you know, we are tired. We have an extremely busy life and coming towards to the end of the year, things are becoming a bit busier… Soooooo I convinced him to do only one thing. And look at what we found!


Yep we finally tackled our garden again, rescuing it from weeds and mint (sigh I was so hope filled over my two mint plants, but alas they seem to be trying to take over) and wrangled back our tomato and cantaloupe vines again! We were surprised also to see our strawberry bush still thriving, and little bell peppers growing. Our dogs were thrilled too, they got the smaller carrots, um and a piece of the one on the left too!

TTYL! Have a Beautifilled!

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