Feeling Guilty

So wow, another late night, and I know I should have blogged earlier. I wanted to share all the wonder-filled things that occurred since the last time I sat here up late. Like our Church picnic where my God Daughter “Age3” took photos of the ducks,

IMG_2032        Apollo Ducks 1  

Apollo Ducks 2  Apollo Ducks 3

She really is a good little photographer (Shot on manual with auto focus engaged under my supervision)

And when my husband and I feasted on a stewed concoction from our garden,


And how could I forget our awesome finds at Habitat For Humanity’s Restores!



Life has been good. very busy, but good, and as I sit here up late again, trying to fit everything in making sure every hat I wear gets put on before the sun comes up, I am learning to use Windows Live Writer which SHOULD allow me to blog more frequently and much easier.

I should be back here more often if things go well with this program. So far I really like the speed and ease of use, so that now when I do blog, I wont be feeling guilty about how much time it’s taking. =-)

Have a most beautiful,  

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